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Vladislavas Domarkas, Kauno technologijos universitetas Doc. Viktorija Baršauskien, Kauno technologijos universitetas Prof. Eugenijus Chlivickas, Lietuvos viešojo administravimo lavintojų asociacija Prof.

Algis Krupavičius, Kauno technologijos universitetas Prof. Borisas Melnikas, Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas Prof.

Vladimiras Obrazcovas, Mykolo Romerio universitetas Prof. Jolanta Palidauskait, Kauno technologijos universitetas Prof. Rimantas Petrauskas, Mykolo Romerio universitetas Prof. Alvydas Pumputis, Mykolo Romerio universitetas Prof.

internetins prekybos klass coimbatore

Stasys Puškorius, Mykolo Romerio universitetas Prof. Alvydas Raipa, Kauno technologijos universitetas Doc. Vainius Smalskys, Mykolo Romerio universitetas Doc. Kur prekiaujate pasirinkimo sandoriais Šiugždinien, Kauno technologijos universitetas Doc.

Rasa Šnapštien, Kauno technologijos universitetas Prof. Norbert Thom, Berno universitetas, Šveicarija Prof. Theo Toonen, Leideno universitetas, Olandija Prof. Edvins Vanags, Latvijos universitetas, Latvija Prof. Michiel S. Vladislavas Domarkas Atsakingasis redaktorius Doc.

Donelaičio g. Vladislavas Domarkas Executive editor Assoc.

internetins prekybos klass coimbatore

Donelaičio str. The article presents theoretical and empirical analysis of practice characteristic of personnel specialists, which are concerned with implementation of strategic human resource management, in the context of municipalities administrations.

Analysis of strategic human resource management functions and attitudes revealed the importance of personnel specialists and challenges arising for them. Empirical survey carried out in municipalities administrations allows to maintain that personnel specialists, who richardo irdies kriptovaliut investicijos in specialized departments, have sufficient experience, hold the executive position, perceive their role as strategic, and are engaged in their work, generate the more strategic attitude towards implemented functions.

Therefore, recommendations for the formation of practice characteristic of personnel specialists are formulated in pursuance of implementation of strategic human resource management in municipalities administrations.

internetins prekybos klass coimbatore

Keywords: municipalities administrations, strategic human resource management, personnel specialists. Raktažodžiai: savivaldybių administracijos, strateginis žmogiškųjų išteklių valdymas, personalo specialistai.

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Introduction Economic, public and political changes induce reforms in organizations of the public sector, as well as their processes and activities. While analyzing the preconditions and successful implementation of the public sector reforms in the world literature [2; 4; 19] it is observed that the emphasis is put on the importance of the improvement of human resources and their management, that is, identification of the essential changes, determination of alternative decisions and effective implementation of the chosen alternative require human resources that are capable of prioritizing in a concentrated and logic manner as well as performing the necessary tasks.

Lithuanian scholars [10; 14; 24] stress the significance of human resources hereinafter HR in both modernizing public organizations and ensuring the effectiveness of daily activities. The concepts of management modernization and effectiveness are also being implemented in municipal administrations of the Republic of Lithuania, and the activity is of high importance in 10 Jonas Jagminas, Ilvija Pikturnait. Personnel Specialists as the Factor of Implementation of Strategic dealing with local communities.

Internetins prekybos klass coimbatore indicates the necessity to analyze some aspects and factors of the implementation of strategic human resource management in these institutions. The strategic approach to the modernization of HR management in the public sector may be much more effective than traditional reforms [4, p.

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Good practices in implementing particular aspects of strategic human resource management hereinafter SHRM in public organizations are presented in foreign literature. E Klingner and J.

Nalbandian [15], S. Teo and J. Rodwell [21; 25]. However, strategic human resource management in the public sector receives insufficient attention [1, p. Theories, formulated on the basis of business organizations surveys [9, p. Personnel specialists receive significantly less attention in SHRM oriented literature. There are no detailed research of personnel internetins prekybos klass coimbatore and their practice characteristics.

Empirical analysis of the roles of HRM specialists in the context of large business organizations is presented in the world literature [2, p ; 18]. In this regard, internetins prekybos klass coimbatore by D. Ulrich and W. Brockbank [44; 45] are of high significance. The peculiarities of Lithuanian municipal administrations as well as human resource management in public organizations were explored by R.

Čiarnien et al. Juknevičien [14], and others. However, in the context of Lithuanian self-governance authorities, the application of the SHRM concept is not considered, the related studies are not carried out, and practice characteristics of personnel specialists for example, their specialization are not researched. Such a situation both scientifically and practically parduodant skambučių akcijų opcionus forming the system of SHRM functions relevant to public organizations, and determining correlations between the implementtation of this system and practice characteristics of personnel specialists.

The objective of the article is to survey practice characteristics of personnel specialists as the factor of SHRM implementation in the context of Lithuanian municipal administrations.

Systemic and comparative analysis, theoretical modeling, generalization and interpretations were employed while modelling correlations between the system of SHRM functions and practice characteristics of personnel specialists. Questionnaire survey was used for empirical research in municipalities administrations. The content and peculiarities of strategic human resource management relevant to public organizations In response to globalization, development of knowledge economy, and growing public demands, the aspirations to ensure effective and efficient strategic management and intellection of public institutions predominate in contemporary public sector management.

SHRM is distinguished as one of the most important matters in management of public organizations [8, p. When improving and strengthening institutional effectiveness and practice development, human resources are highlighted as a determinant element; accordingly HR management is a strategic concern of leaders in the public service [6, p.

Therefore, when considering 11 Viešoji politika ir administravimas. SHRM is described as a system of coherent, internally integrated attitudes, activities and means of HRM, which supports implementation of strategic organizational goals [1, p.

In spite of numerous empirical evidence of correlation between SHRM implementtation and results of organizations internetins prekybos klass coimbatore well as further discussions, there is no solid agreement about what functions form the SHRM system [23, p.

ŽEMĖS ŪKIO INŽINERIJA Mokslo darbai 44 (1, 2, 3)

It is hard to exclude clear and solid core of HRM in theoretical internetins prekybos klass coimbatore presented by different authors [24, p. The following thirteen personnel management and HRM functions were identified while analyzing literature [15, p.

SHRM content is often explained in the abstract. For example, C. Ban [3, p. Daley, M. Vasu [9, p.

Jasinskas, mechanikos inžinerija,asu, Lietuva Prof. Samosiuk, mechanikos inžinerija, Nacionalinė Baltarusijos akademija, Baltarusija Dr. Schlegel, žemės ūkio mokslai, Universität Rostock, Vokietija Dr. Attia, A.

Boxall et al. Allen, P. Wright [1, p.

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The literature on SHRM refers to the position that HRM activities must be formed in the way to correspond not only to the short-term operational needs, but also to permanent strategic needs. There is a range of scientific works, which mainstream the idea, that there is a universal set of HRM functions, implementation of which inevitably leads to perfection of organizational activity [2, p.

Scientists also indicate the peculiarrities of implementation of functions, while formulating such sets.

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For example, D. Daley and M. Vasu [16, p. The systematization of such sets reveals that recruitment, motivation and development functions are crucial. The necessity of consulting and feedback assurance is often highlighted. Hence, the system of SHRM functions receives poor attention in scientific literature.

Personnel Specialists as the Factor of Implementation of Strategic formation of best practices, the following thirteen functions have been included into the system of SHRM functions: involvement in formation, institutionalization and implementation of the organizational strategy, participation in the management of the organizational culture, development of the HRM strategy, job analysis, classification and assessment, work organization, HR recruitment, HR development, HR movement management, HR assessment, personnel motivation, ensuring guidance and feedback, management of the HR information database; implementation of legislation.

The analysis of the literature reveals a great importance of peculiarities of functions implementation and their functions correspondence to SHRM attitudes. Therefore, a detailed analysis of SHRM attitudes is relevant. The main attitude of SHRM concept is the perception that human resources are the most important asset of organization, and giving them HR the position of strategic partners.

As it was mentioned, while defining SHRM, it is often accented that this coherent and internally integrated system of attitudes, activities and means contributes to the implementation of the strategic goals of organization. However, while developing strategic orientation, personnel specialists must also keep their attention on operational activities. Operational engagement of personnel specialists positively influences the perceived importance of the department, and, in turn, increases the level of strategic integration of these specialists [21, p.

Properly formulated and implemented functions are a particular entrance fee for participating in strategic management [7, p. In connection with strategic engagement, SHRM literature often stresses the necessity of active participation in analysis of internetins prekybos klass coimbatore environment, in the formulation of long-term organizational goals, competitive advantages and organizational culture.

While establishing HRM strategy, it is necessary to consider the mission, the nature of the activity and conditions, goals and attitudes of management of public organization. Implementation of SHRM also requires active participation in formulation and acceptance of organizational goals and decisions [3, p. Thus, it can be stated that the implementation of SHRM requires organic and innovative attitude towards human resource management.

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The organic attitude should manifest itself through continual analysis of conditions of external and internal environments and adjusting functions according to the changing requirements, whereas the innovative attitude should manifest itself through active participation and initiation of ideas when formulating and implementing strategic goals.

Generalizing the analysis of content and attitudes of SHRM, it can be stated that SHRM system is formed of such functions: participation in formation, institutionalization and implementation of the strategy of the organization; participation in the management of culture; development of HRM strategy; analysis, classification and assessment of works; work organization; HR recruitment; HR development; HR movement management; HR assessment; personnel motivation; ensuring guidance and feedback; management of the HR information database; implementation of legislation.

Implementation of these functions requires realizing the attitude, that HR is the most valuable asset and strategic partner nauja bitcoin investavimo svetain 2021 m the formation and implementation of organizational strategy.

Personnel specialists are very significant in the implementation of 13 Viešoji politika ir administravimas. Orientation in time. Key objective.

Main tasks of personnel specialists. Main mean of internetins prekybos klass coimbatore and goals implementation. Table 1: Essential SHRM attitudes Attitude HR is the most valuable asset and strategic partner in formulation and implementation of organizational strategy. Orientation to the future internetins prekybos klass coimbatore organizational strategic goals, while keeping attention to operational activities. Support for mission and assurance of HR engagement. Analysis of external environment; participation in formulation of long-term organizational goals, value and competitive advantages, valuables and culture.

HRM strategy formulation and implementation. Attitude towards investment in HR. Particular attention to HR and development of personnel specialists Prevailing methods of work organization. Executors of activities. The relationship between personnel specialists and various management levels. Internetins prekybos klass coimbatore method in organizing and management style.

Outsourcing of separate HRM functions. Interrelation of personnel specialists with the lowest, middle and the supreme levels of management. Source: composed by authors, according to: C. Amstrong [2, p. Brockbank, D. Ulrich [7, p ], A. Eigenhuis, R. Jančiauskas, M. Arimavičiūt [13, p. Klingner, J. Nalbandian [15, p. Kulik, E.

Perry [17, p. Rasmussen et al. Internetins prekybos klass coimbatore, S. Teo [21, p. Ulrich, W. Brokckbank [26, p], D. Ulrich et al. SHRM, because they have to orient towards strategic organizational goals and to maintain attention for operational activities; to support the mission and assurance of HR engagement; to participate in analysis of external environment and formulation of longterm organizational goals, value and competitive advantages, valuables and culture; to form and implement HRM strategy; to give particular attention to themselves and HR development; to collaborate with managers of all levels.

The correlations between internetins prekybos klass coimbatore system of SHRM functions and personnel specialists practice characteristics in public organizations The analysis of SHRM revealed the complexity and sophistication of this concept, and also revealed that implementation of the system of SHRM functions is correlated with many factors.

All correlated factors that are mentioned in literature [3, p. It is often stated 14 Jonas Jagminas, Ilvija Pikturnait. Personnel Specialists as the Factor of Implementation of Strategic that factors forming external environment are of crucial importance to governmental institutions, which internetins prekybos klass coimbatore more open to environmental pressures and restrictions.

This group is formed by micro the accessibility of organizations outsourcing HRM functions and quality of their services, the model of public service and macro economical conditions, political-legal factors, interest groups and others factors. The following factors of SHRM implementation can be included in internal organizational environment: the size of organization, financial resources, organizational strategy, the level of informational technologies in organization and their usage in implementation of functions; the qualification of HR; attitude of the supreme level managers towards personnel specialists and engagement in implementation of SHRM; engagement of the direct managers in SHRM implementation.

The scheme of intercourse between the system of SHRM functions and environmental factors is presented in the Figure 1.

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